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Those who are thinking of preparing for the 41st BCS, there is something for them. Prepare in a little bit. Every day a little bit upstairs. Prepare yourself without thinking about the different * * *. There are so many people besides Taking .. Make a good base in English and Math, any action will be useful. But those who are still studying academic, they have finished it well. He uses his talents, wishes, and opportunities wherever he is. There is a much better job than the BCS, where it can be done better or with you. BCS is very few people. If you can make yourself worthy of it … But runaway behind it, do not waste precious time on your life.
You can start with those new ones, (hopefully, all of them will be useful), ,,,,,,,,
1. BCS Question Paper (10-37)
2. Job Solutions
3. English for Competitive Exam
4. Saifurus Math
5. Ask Bangla Language and Literature
6. 9th / 10th grade ,,,,,,
A) Bengali grammar book
B) Mathematics books
C) Science books
D) ICT books
E) Bangladesh and world book of contacts
7. Anyone set of preliminary books
(Professor / Oracle / MP3)
8. Regularly read and write notes from current affairs
9. Take regular paper reading and notes
10. Recognize Bangladesh and the world map well
11. Constitution
12. If there is any book of vocabulary

  • * Every morning, afternoon and night, one must read the topic.
  • * BCS syllabus will have to end the topic.
  • * One thing cannot be read all day, then boredom will come out.
  • * Those things which are weak, they will be given more time.
  • * Read 2/3 topics every day
  • * Revision of the entire week reading (especially hard topics) for 1 day (maybe on Friday)).
  • * Reading groups with friends with the same mentality
  • * If possible, get admitted in a good coaching

****** Those students of the second / 3rd / 4th year, they are good at studying well before their academic studies. If there is no BCS for any reason, then there should be other job opportunities.
And Bangladesh is not the only job of BCS.

So we have to prepare ourselves in such a way that any job is available.
Md. Tariqul Islam

Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate
Deputy Commissioner’s Office

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