Why pre-school education is important for baby?

Ever since the birth of the baby, parents started dreaming about him. How to grow up, how to talk, teach you how to read, how to write – how many thoughts that turn around in your head. Parents have to face a lot of problems in teaching so much.

That’s normal. Children can no longer think like adults. If they say something, they will not be able to understand it quickly. The whole world is new to them. They want to learn the world a whole new way.

When a child is 5-6 years old, parents think about giving him a school. But before that, he has to take some lessons in the house. This education is called pre-school education. Children receive this education mainly from the family.

There are two stages to children’s education. From an educational point of view, children take some lessons from the environment around them before they go to school. It helps him adapt to the school’s formal education.

The basic knowledge that children learn from the environment and family before going to school is basic knowledge. This is an important part of the way he develops his full talent. This is considered part of the baby’s progressive development. The picture below will be clear only after looking at the picture.

Understanding the importance of pre-school education is essential for the full development of the child’s intellect and mind. It is upon this education that the development of the child’s primary thinking and intellect depends. Now you need to know how to provide pre-school education for your child.

  • Playing with colors

All children love to play with colors. Their lives are colorful! But what color is taught is a hassle. What can you do for it? Buy some colors that aren’t harmful to kids. Show them what to do with them and what color they are. But they will not easily understand it. So check out the fun way below.

For this, you will need a few paper rolls, different colored paper, a few small plastic bowls, various colored balls and paper rolls to hang. Wrap the paper rolls with colored paper. Then hang it. Teach kids what color. Show a ball and throw it on the green roll. Then they can recognize the colors and see if they can drop the ball in the right place. In this way, they will play and learn color.

  • Introduction to numbers

An important part of teaching children about education is to introduce them to numbers. A question adults often ask kids.

– Baby, how old are you?

– 5 years.

To be able to say these 5 years, he has to be familiar with different numbers. Now, how can he introduce these numbers? Available in the market to buy rubber or plastic toys made in the shape of numbers.

Can give them Your child will play with them and get acquainted with the numbers. You can also introduce him to a number every day. For example, on the first day he taught 1 cat, 1 car. The second day taught two hands, two eyes. Teaching this way will make learning easier for the child.

  • Character Introduction

– Father, write your name.

Before a child can write his or her name, he must know the letter. But he would not be so easy to recognize. If there is no joy in the chain, it will not be easy for him to know. Perhaps the most difficult of teaching children to study is to recognize these letters. To make this work easier, you can buy letters of different sizes just like identifying numbers. You can buy different letter books for children. Introduce children with letters one by one and show them what words to spell.

These are just rules. What can be done to teach fun? There are some simple methods. Play a character matching game with them. Write a letter in a box and write a few words on that piece of paper on a piece of paper. It’s better to use different pictures instead of words. Now tell your child to put words or pictures of these letters in the box. See if he can keep up. In this way, fun characters will learn new characters as well as new words.

  • Rhythm identity in rhythm

Various spread books are available in the market. You can introduce your child to different rhythms by buying them. Kids love to know things around with rhythm. The rhythmic rhythms are easily formed in children’s heads. And something we usually learn in our childhood, we often remember, do not forget easily. So introducing kids to the rhythm of the rhythm is a very effective way to introduce them to the things around.

  • Recognize different shapes

Kids always enjoy playing with different shapes. That is why they always draw five angled stars, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals if they let them draw. So they must be introduced to different shapes. You can do it with fun.

Cut paper can create different shapes. If you want to buy different types of plastic made from the market. Or you can leave your child on the sand with his other friends if he wants. In this way, he will get acquainted with various shapes in the game.

  • Origami

Origami is one of the fun things to do in childhood. Origami is made of boats, aircraft, flowers, birds, frogs, etc. by folding or cutting paper. Although it may seem difficult at first to make them, the task is quite fun. This will increase both your baby’s intelligence and thinking ability.

Not only that Children can also create their own playgrounds. These are the things that increase their creativity and make them interested in different things.

The more enjoyable these childish teaching lessons are, the better. This will make everything seem easy to them. And kids are always eager to learn something new. So we should keep in mind that they can enjoy their childhood nicely, keeping in mind their interests.


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