How to write a cover letter | Useful Tips

You can see an example of a cover letter with the help of Google, but do not imitate it exactly

In case of various recruitment notices or joining an apprenticeship at an institution, a CV or CV is to be submitted. An important attachment to a CV is a cover letter.

New students often get confused, what to write, how to write. The inconsistent cover letter reveals the weaknesses of the employer.

Saif Noman Khan, Business Communication Consultant and Associate Professor, Dhaka University Business Administration Institute’s (IBA) Management Consultancy Program Counsel.

Work has to be consistent

What you write in the cover letter should be consistent with the position you are applying for. The details of the recruitment notice, website, LinkedIn profile of the organization should be written accordingly. Applicants in 5 establishments should write 3 types of writing. The cover letter of each organization is different.

Emphasize addressing and start-up

Never start with “To Whom it May Concern” at the beginning of the cover letter. Try not to even start with the conventional “Dear Sir”. Website and LinkedIn should know what is the title of the head of the organization or employer. From the first line, you need to make the employer interested. Start a cover letter with a phrase that expresses your interest and enthusiasm without imitating a cover letter from the Internet.

Must write about skills and interests

You need to write down the work you are proficient in, or the skills you have – how it will work for the organization. Describe the work you are applying for, the reason you deserve it. Don’t write irrelevant words.

Have to express yourself

The life story basically highlights the aspects of your abilities and skills in a single way. On the other hand, write in a cover letter – how you can adapt to the values, professionalism, purpose of the organization you are applying for, how you can be an effective role as a team member. It should be mentioned in clear language.

Do not make mistakes

Imitate writing often goes wrong. You can see a few examples with the help of Google, but not a single line will ‘copy-paste’. Errors in grammar, sentences or information cannot be kept.

You have to sort it out

Suppose you write down everything you need, but the information is not sorted out, in which case the employer may not be attracted. A cover letter should be written in paragraphs 3 or 4 on an A-shaped paper. Each paragraph should have 3 to 5 sentences. What to write at the beginning, what is in it, what to write and finish, make a plan in advance.

Publish quantitative analysis of the number of experiences

When writing a cover letter, try to give a quantitative representation of how you are doing in a particular task. For example, you may have been led by 4,000 volunteers in 5 voluntary work. Or, as an apprentice in any institution, made the budget for the development project. These should be written in real examples.

Try to understand the employer’s language

The language of each organization is different. You need to understand the organization’s website, LinkedIn or Facebook profile, the language, customs and values ​​of the organization. Writing can be very effective if you understand the needs of the employer.

Write in short and powerful language

Do not be disturbed by reading the cover letter, be careful. Try to express your interest and enthusiasm in short sentences. Make a cover letter so that the employer is talking to you.

Credit: Prothom Alo

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