Child’s Education Compulsory Environment

The key to building a society is education. Education can create a harmonious and beautiful state. Good education can advance individuals, society and the state. They are the ones who have survived in history, and have succeeded only the kings of the earth, who have manifested themselves in the light of knowledge.

Your child’s future is the future

More valuable education than a rare diamond. Early stage of education. Whom we call children’s education. Children get education from all around them; Growing up with education from family, society, education and environment.

Significant pedagogical infrastructure that is established academically (madrasa, school). That’s why children get the basic education. Children always love pleasure and sports. Match yourself in a relaxed environment.

The joy of the baby is the source of the energy of his body. There is no alternative to a pleasant, joyful and beautiful environment for a child to develop his talent and dormant talent.

Strict governance, control, hostile environment pushes the child’s educational life into uncertainty. Children who are afraid of parents, mothers and teachers can never express their dignity and talent, they are always terrified. As a result, those who teach are becoming a major obstacle to their education.

I was talking to Abdul Ahad’s father, Ariful Islam, a fourth-grade student at Tungi Darul Ulum Madrasah about how the environment for children’s education was needed.

He said the playground for children was an important issue. If they cannot do sports, they do not develop their mind. Open environment, so that light and air can be received.

Their teachers also need to be aware. Forgive them a little, don’t punish them with harsh punishment, harsh punishment. Caring for them is love and affection. Take care of their advantages and disadvantages. Many times they have problems but cannot speak with fear. That is why keep an eye on everyone.

When asked by Shamim Hossain, the father of Abdul Qayyum, a third-grader at Nurrania Madrasa in Chittagong, when asked about the education environment of his children, he said, “My son attends madrasa. Can’t come home every day. I get to meet the boys occasionally.

I think it’s important for children to have a clean place. Otherwise, children will be exposed to various diseases. Children are usually a little lazy when they do not clean their clothes when the time is dirty. Teachers have to be very careful in this regard.

And if the children’s environment is made a little bigger then they can play. Because every child’s mind always wants to be happy.

Many times the younger students get distracted by mixing with the older students. A child’s life could be at great disadvantage if he or she is not aware that a child cannot mix with adults.

Atiq fell in the 5th grade at Tejgaon Madrasa in Dhaka His father Shahjahan was talking about this.

She said that children and children want to improve their environment, and as their education is important, their behavior should be improved as well.

You have to teach them how to treat people immediately. Don’t tell them things that hurt their mind and body.

Writer: Awar Islam

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