How To Change/Revise Certificate Name

Many people post about this problem in the group, before correcting I have searched in this group myself. Now, in the light of the experience I have gained by doing this myself, I am writing this article on enriching the treasures of this group.

Getting started with some basic information

* Correction can be done both online / offline. However, without a broker or any type of third party, Online will be my solution for working hassle-free way. Because there is nothing to fill up the from in here. Handwriting will catch your mistakes. It is convenient to do this online. You will need to reduce the running / exertion a bit. So today I will just write about online processes.

I received my revised certificate yesterday. So first calculate my costs so you can easily understand the next task.

* Advertisement in newspapers – 300 Taka
* Notary Public – 500 Taka (may require less)
* Application Fee 558 × 2 = 1116 Taka (SSC & HSC)
Certificate Transfer Fee 558 × 2 = 1116 Taka (2P)
My total cost: BDT 3032 Taka
It will cost a bit more to transport. However, the two certificates will cost around 3200-3500 Taka.

Modify certificate name (a2z)

# Notary_public

In order to correct the wrongs of the name or date of birth, first a notary or affidavit should be made by the lawer. If the candidate is not 18 years old or if the candidate wishes to correct his / her parents name, the non-judicial stamp should be affidavit by the candidate’s first class magistrate or notary public.

# Advertising in the magazine

After the affidavit, notice should be given in a daily newspaper. The notice specifies the candidate’s certificate name, father’s name, mother’s name, branch, examination year, examination center name, roll number, board name and date of birth (name of the candidate, father’s name, mother’s name or date of birth).
After completing these 2 tasks you will need help from any school or college you have attended. (This is not an option for online application)

This time you have corrected the above two papers + your parents name and go straight to your institution with their certificate or National ID card / birth certificate on your own. You cannot do this at home, as it is done using the college’s EIIN and password. The only benefit of this is that you do not have to go to the board of education, it will be done from your own school. Come back to the topic,

Read these papers and inform the head of your organization. He will instruct the relevant computer operator of your organization to apply online Then he will scan your document and apply and the message will be returned to your phone immediately. Then he will give you a receipt to submit the application fee to Sonali Bank. 558 Taka to be deposited (for each). After depositing the money, Receipt must take care. If you do not submit the application fee, your application will not be accepted. After submitting the application fee, a separate profile will be created for you on the Education Board website.

Login link

By logging in there you can track the latest status through your mobile phone. After depositing money, sit for 3 months relaxing. It will take 3 months or more to complete your application process. When finished, the message will be sent to your phone and you will be logged into your profile. There you will find a new option called “Document Overlay”. By going to that option you will request to have the documents removed. No need to go to college, because now you have the password to log in to that site. Apply at home for any document you want to extract with the required information there (If you do not have a computer at home, you can do this at any computer-operated shop)

After applying, you will receive a document to pay Only 558 Taka to the Sonali Bank. Take it to the bank. Submit the fee as before. When done, wait 1 week. Then you will receive a message ready on your phone. Then you can log back in to your profile and download the final documents to download. This is the first time you have to go to the board of education Go there and submit your original certificate on the 5th floor of building number four (4). Later that afternoon, go to the office again, submit your original revised certificate by submitting the original document + the original copy of the fee you were submitting to the bank.

It took 145 days for my entire process to finish. So you have to be a little patient to do this work without any kind of planning and without paying extra. And remember, the satisfaction you get when you work in a legitimate way will not get anything else. And now it’s even easier, no need to run a file on a table. If everyone is aware, every office will be free of fraud.

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