Student can make huge income in student life_21 ways

There are many of you who are wondering what to do besides studying! Yes, it is possible to earn along with education and many are doing so.

Today I will show you some amazing ways to earn money as a student. If you want, you can start earning money in one or more of these ways.

Student life earning source 21 ways

So let’s find out what those ways are.

1. Home Tutoring

The first thought that comes to mind as a student is tuition. I also used to earn a lot of money at one time.

Some methods can be very easily managed by the student.

And not only does tuition work to earn money, it can also give you a lot of happiness.

Some parents have children who think tuition is a shame because I think my father is low or I have a shortage of tuition.


It is nothing but the identity of our country’s dirty mentality. What people will say, what people will think, cannot be concluded by thinking that we have deviated from good works.


So if you are skilled at a subject, teach it to others. You will find that both you and your student are benefiting.

2. Coaching

Coaching can be a great medium for students as a business.


If you hate teaching at home, you can open one of your coaching. Applying some marketing techniques can make coaching a good profit. But to start a coaching, some investment is required which may not be for all students.


You can take classes in any other coaching.

3. Freelancing

Outsourcing can be a good source of income in addition to studying. And if you’re a little house-type man, it doesn’t matter.


Although freelancing in our country is referred to as outsourcing, the right thing to do is freelancing. And the person who will do the job with you is outsourcing.


By starting freelancing, however, you can create an income source.

4. Blogging (AdSense)

Earnings in student life can be done through blogging, but it requires dedication.


Yes, blogging takes some time to earn, but once you start earning, you may not have to do any other work!

5. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can earn along with your studies.


Many people are self-reliant by doing this.

6. YouTube

Now you know that many people in Bangladesh are making a lot of money by publishing videos on YouTube!


You can publish videos on your YouTube channel by making a video on what you are passionate about. Creating valuable content on a regular basis will allow you to monetize your channel within a short period of time.

7. Hand work

In addition to education, you can be a unique medium as a business! Many people do many things as a hobby and it is possible to earn a lot from this hobby.

8. Order Varsity’s T-shirt

If you want to do business alongside education, you can do it at your own cost! Yes, T-shirts are ordered in different locations at Varsity.


You can inquire about it and take orders. There may be some good gains in one time.

9. Photography

The number of people who do not take pictures on the phone is not worthless now. Many sites can earn money by uploading photos and if you have a focus on professional photography, manage a DSLR camera and take photoshoots.


Get free pictures at different weddings at home. You will see many connections are being made and the way of earning money and getting ready!

10. Facebook

Facebook but not just for hi, hello though most do it!


If you want, you can set up your business based on Facebook.


Create a Facebook page for your business to bring in customers and show them your product.


Besides, you can earn different ways to create a large group on Facebook.

11. At the restaurant or hotel

There is a chance to earn a job besides studying! You can work as a cashier or waiter at a restaurant.


Apart from this you can get involved in various activities in the hotel as tourism is already identified as a major business area in Bangladesh.

12. Workshop

If you have good control over something, you can teach it to people in the middle of a workshop. Start your workshop in the middle of a certain entry fee.

13. Library

Skilled librarians are needed in various schools, colleges, and universities But you can apply for this job at some company.

14. Local Marketing

Finding a job in local marketing is easy, but it takes a lot of hard work.


But it can be done to gain some experience and money, right?


Yes, different companies hire regular people for local marketing and you can be their desired local marketer.

15. Day care

With the work of both parents in this modern world, the number of day care for the upbringing of children is constantly increasing.


Even in an organization, you can earn part time and work part-time.


Spend time with the children and at the end of the month a certain amount of money will also come in the pocket.

16. Newspaper

Different newspapers need people for different tasks and you can exploit this opportunity.

17. Television

Now, new and new TV channels are starting their broadcast and hence they need a lot of manpower.


You can also try a bit to see if any of your work options are there!

18. Sales Parsons

Many sales parsons are needed nowadays in many stores or super shops. You can also start working by applying your sales ability to these establishments.

With Sales directly with the customer, you can learn a lot that will help you move forward.

19. Call centre

You can earn money by working in different call centers.


If your speech and speech are good, these things will be much easier to find.

20. Event Management

Event management companies are involved in various brand promotions around the country.


As a result of working in these establishments, you can learn a lot, and even earn a living.


Sales can be one of your tools for doing business as a student!


Yes, you can sell your favorite items by opening a cellars account at


When ordering, why go to a wholesale market to buy your product?


This way you will not need any major investment.



Earning money is a technique to learn a lot, and earning it should be done in addition to your studies.

The education system of developed countries is based on reality and so entrepreneurs are emerging from their country as they start their work in that student life.

They learn a lot to make mistakes, which makes them a lot of Rich.

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