Terrorism in Bangladesh education

The principal said. Mizanur Rahman: As soon as the title is pronounced, a revolutionary spirit comes into our mind. I remember Dr. Kant’s Amiya Message – “Education is the key to achieving ideal humanity.” Lutfar Rahman has rightly said, “Many people are not made human beings only if they have learned character. He is called a real human being if his divine qualities are infused with human nature.

Introduction: Terror is the name of creating an environment of fear, and that fear environment is created by the use of weapons of death and the use of weapons. By keeping the mind of the people in the face of the movement, the pursuit of progress in current science is rich in various discoveries. In the meantime, automatic firearms have become the stuff of terror. This weapon is just one of the most important ingredients for creating terror. Education is also one of the fundamental rights of the human race. But the turmoil is today’s lesson. Murder, terrorism, bombing are a casual matter today.

What a ray shadow of an evil ostentatious hungry eye glows all the time on our pedestal. This image is available in almost all the universities of Bangladesh. Speaking of colleges, the status of madrasas is not far behind. Students come to the university to become human beings and many go back to their bodies. As a result, the parents of the students cannot get relief by sending their children to university. All the palaces, including talented students, teachers, guardians, intellectuals, academics, are wandering around this national problem. Really! Almost every educational field in the country is now a battlefield. Today, pistols, knives, and bombs have been replaced in the hands of students by pen. For ideological and other minor reasons, a student at the highest school level does not hesitate to brutally murder his classmate brother as a smuggler.

The report, published by a government-controlled National Daily, shows that more than a hundred students and young people lost their lives in the terrorist activities in the country during the 18 years since independence, from January 72 to 89 the end of the year. This terrorist activity is present in almost all educational institutions. However, Dhaka University is at the top in this regard. The level of murder and terrorism in the education sector is increasing day by day. The proportion of casualties in terrorism is increasing steadily every year. The proportion of students who have been killed in education in the last 5 years has been much higher in the last 18 years. Again, the proportion of students who have been killed in the last 2 years or more (in 25 months) is much higher. Again, the murder rate of students in the last two years, in 90-91, is almost double.

Education: Education means we understand the institutions of education, such as schools, colleges, madrasas, and universities. The teaching center is the pedagogy and the building of the people. Where students are always seeking to enlighten and build their future life by studying in the hope of gaining knowledge.

The current state of education in the past: In the past, teaching was home-centered. Besides, many life dreams are being cherished in the shadow of the principles and ideals of schools, colleges, madrasas, and universities. Various teachings or teachings have been created in this desire to illuminate honest and characteristic lives in the light of real humanity. But instead of the breeze of the age, irregularities and disorder have greatly increased and at the root of this growth are self-interest, lack of religious discipline or differences of opinion. In today’s world, all the ideologues have now given up the power of arms, leaving the struggle for ideology. As a result, the tendency to use weapons has increased greatly. Today, an ominous contest to show the strength of his party by creating panic in the country has freed the way for the use of weapons in education.

In the form of terrorism: The main purpose of the terrorist is to create an uncomfortable environment through fear and fear. It will not allow the other parties or ideological believers to get organized if their two kinds of gains are at first intimidating. Secondly, it is easier to influence the general mind about one’s own power. Calling a new version of animal power a terrorist activity that is currently taking place in educational institutions is not wrong.

An Abomination of Terror: Terrorism is a curse where humility, knowledge, intellect development, empathy, reasoning and justice work to improve and enhance the character of the students. Acknowledging this curse is ignoring the dire consequences in the lives of the afflicted.

Reason for terrorism: Why terrorism in the country today? And why so much use of death? Today’s the question. The answer to this question is agreed on behalf of different castes in different ways, for the most basic reasons. What was the cause of terrorism in a poll conducted by the National Opinion Center published in the Daily Bangla on December 4th?

In response to this question, 66.66 percent of respondents said that political parties are their own ideals. Uses students to make a difference. 26.67of the respondents said that the prevailing socioeconomic status and political instability of the country is the cause of the students’ suffering. What has been the cause of the increase in terrorism in recent times? In response to this question, 46.67 percent of respondents said that the use of students as political power is the main cause of terrorism.

On the other hand, 33.36 percent of the student body is responsible for raising terrorism by the ruling Mahal for creating negative public opinion on student politics. It is not logical to deny any of the reasons for the opinion stated. There is no denying that the student community is being used for real. Political leaders use the students in various ways, but it is important to note that the children of leaders and leaders are not involved with any student organization, yet many children study in schools like India, London, and America. In addition, some of the causes of terror are government fuel, power conflicts, provocative speeches, intolerable attitudes, dependence on muscle power, availability of weapons, narrow party bias. Disapproving cartoons and making false news and statements in newspapers.

Remedy: To feel terror first, the government has to be sincere and neutral. The political leaders sincerely openly discuss with the ruling government the cause of terrorism and identify the cause of terrorism. Whatever the terrorists, they have to provide exemplary punishment. We will have to stop the supply of weapons to the education camps and to retrieve the weapons. Inciting lectures, statements, slogans, porn posters, and leaflets should be stopped. In addition to the reform of the education system, the attention of the general students should be focused on knowledge and teaching.

In all these cases, the government, political leaders, leaders, intellectuals, teachers, guardians, people of all levels should think deeply about this and play a leading role in implementing the decision to curb terrorism. Otherwise, it is inevitable that gold will become a cremation ground in Bengal tomorrow.

Conclusion: Terrorism is not desirable to anyone, it has to be eliminated from the edge of society. It is impossible to develop a dignified genius of real people in the courtyard of a human being as if it were defiling the academy for the sake of the wider nation. So with this misfortune, the best wishes of all the palaces of our country may arise at this moment.

Source : Daily Sangram

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