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Many students look for opportunities to study abroad, hoping for higher education abroad. Studying in Australia is very popular for Bangladeshi students. But Australia is currently the third most popular country in the world for higher education, not just in Bangladesh. Australia has some of the top universities in the world. Because of the quality education in a peaceful low-cost country compared to other comparable countries, the country shuts thousands of international students every year as a destination for higher education. But there are a few important things to keep in mind before coming to Australia.

Prepare to plan

Applicants should prepare for a number of aspects before applying for a student visa in Australia. The purpose must be education if you come to Australia with a student visa. It is better not to apply for a visa with the exception of this. And in that case, being the true merit is the first priority. Immediately after that, the economic issue needs to be kept in mind. It is important to consider whether the applicant’s family has the financial flexibility to come here and to pay for their own expenses. Although there are many opportunities to earn money in addition to studying, many of those who spend a lot of time earning a living is Hashim Khan. So it’s a good idea to keep this thing as a bonus.

English skills should be enhanced

Although English language skills are not a criterion for intelligence, as an international student, English language skills become the mainstay of studying abroad. Australia’s needs are wider than other developed countries in the world. Without proof of English proficiency, it is impossible for a student to get a visa in this country. Therefore, it is very important to be quite mature in the knowledge of the English language. Although there are many tests to prove English language knowledge, ‘IELTS’ is more well known. Applicants in Australia who wish to graduate or below will have to get a minimum of 6 in the English Language Proficiency Test (ie IELTS). It may also require higher scores when entering courses and educational institutions. And if the applicant wants to graduate, IELTS should have a minimum score of 5. However, in most cases, proof of English language skills is not required if the applicant is an English medium student. However, many universities also need to score higher in terms of admission which is usually given on the university website.

Selecting a topic is very important

Many who wish to study abroad are hesitant about what subject they will read. They cannot decide what subject they want to study. It should be natural for you to go abroad for higher education on the subject of your choice. However, most students have the intention of traveling abroad with a student visa to build a bright future or to settle down permanently. That’s not to blame. However, it is very important to determine the right thing. In developed countries, there is a ‘demand list’ of the demand for a profession in the market of their country, where they are detailed.

So, the demand is high, it is easier to get a job if he/she studies about the occupations Most of the cases do not have the opportunity to apply for permanent immigration if you read about the matter which is not on the demand list. Apart from this, tuition fees are high in many universities which are not on the demand list. Again, semester fees differ only because of the university’s name. It’s good to see them in advance. Because many come here and want to change things because of the high cost But then things change a lot. Even so, many visas are canceled because of changing the subject. That’s why the selection of topics is so important. Inquiries on this can be found on the University website and the Australian Government Demand List can also be viewed on the website.

In addition, nowadays there is a lot of detailed information on these websites, you have to look them up.

Need to know the last date and latest news

Applicants wishing to go to study, applying for application, it was found that the deadline for admission has passed or the admission process has started but it has been seen that the selected subject has been rejected from the demand list. So as far as possible, you need to be aware of all due dates and the latest news regarding admission, visa, and paper submission. You should also have a clear idea about updating the demand list. The last news of all such work must be kept up-to-date with the latest news.

Be sure to sponsor or guarantor

To come to Student Visa in Australia, the bank has to show the money. That’s how it is. When applying for a visa to Australia, it must be ensured that you have the financial capability to cover all expenses. For this, the applicant’s guardian or relative should show proof that the bank has sufficient money. This is commonly called sponsorship. However, if the guardian cannot afford that, a sponsor will be required to deposit a certain amount of money for the applicant in his bank, which will ensure that he will cover the cost of the applicant’s education. However, there is no cash to spend. Usually, the credentials of depositing money in the bank are sufficient.

In most cases, the embassy investigates to see if the money is real or whether it is legal or tax paid. In the past, you could have been your own sponsor, but this is very rare. Under the current rules, relatives or anyone else can be a sponsor or guarantor, but as far as it is known, applying for a visa from Bangladesh gives more importance to the financial affordability of parents, ie parents as sponsors or guarantors.

Cost of living

From July, the cost for a student is to show $ 19830 for a 12-month period, and if the course fee is $ 50000 for three years, the amount will be $ 16660 a year, plus any other costs that will be shown to the sponsor’s bank.

The intention to move to Australia must be temporary

All student visa applicants need to prove that their intention to study in Australia is temporary. That is, the visa officer approves the visa only after confirming that he has come to his country of study.
To apply for a Student Visa General Concepts of Student Visa, mentioned above, you will need to take the following steps into account.

To apply for a Student Visa

To apply for a Student Visa in Australia, international students must first apply for admission to Australia’s registered educational institutions and courses. In this case, directly apply to the nominees or the designated agents of the educational institutes. Usually, the educational institutions pay their nominated agents for the commission. A student visa can be applied in the country only if the educational institution allows admission for a full-time period.

Where to Apply

Applicants residing in Bangladesh can now fill the application form directly online through the EMI account. This link to the website is applied online at <>.

The visa-related papers are usually required to be provided.

All visa related documents are to be scanned and attached to the visa application. If a paper is not in English, it should be translated from the authorized translator into English.

Documents to be added to the application form

* Letter of permission for admission to relevant educational institute (Confirmation of Enrollment)
* Health insurance credentials – usually accompanied by a letter of admission permit.
* National ID card.
*birth certificate.
* Current and previous passport page used.
* Educational Qualification (All Board Examination Certificate) and Work-Experience Certificate.

* Statement of reasons for moving to Australia known as ‘Statement of Purpose’. Where there will be an explanation of how the applicant will benefit through the relevant course.
* Completed financial capacity (sponsor or guarantor) form.
* Birth certificate, passport or school papers as proof of applicant’s relationship with the sponsor.
* Detailed documentation of the sponsor’s income source.

* Work records and exemptions if there is a history of working in the armed forces.
* Police clearance certificate in some cases (not more than 12 months old).
* In case of married couples, birth certificate and marriage certificate as proof of the relationship between spouses, children.
* Death certificate or separation papers if the spouse is dead or divorced.
* Certificate of Health Examination.

Visa application fee and deposit method

After completing the visa application form, the visa fee must be paid before applying. Applying for a Student Visa in Australia can be paid online credit card as a visa fee of 560 Australian dollars or its equivalent.

Once the visa application is made

Once the student visa application is made through the EMI account, the visa department can verify the visa and email the visa department for additional information if needed. In addition, you will be informed about the progress of the visa in the EMI account. Once the visa is approved, the visa department e-mails the visa number and conditions. If the visa is not approved then the reasons are also reported.

When you get a visa

Student visas are usually granted after submitting all the necessary visas and tuition fees and one-semester tuition fees. Then there is no barrier to catch the dream fan by pressing on the plane. But a push came to Australia to eat a lot. After spending almost tens of millions of dollars in cash, such as semester fees, airline tickets, monthly walks, and once again when large amounts of money are needed for other expenses, including semester fees, Then the push seems too big. Most students have to pay for their own expenses.

Most of the students who come to this country do so. But in Bangladesh, usually no one works, but many come to work there for more than one night to earn a living. For that reason, staying in the country should bring mental preparation to work hard, unless the family economic situation is good. Here the work is to work in the gaps, not in the gaps in the work. Continuing to study is absolutely essential. The course ends on time. The visa can be canceled at any time if the class attendance rate and the lateral exam on the exam. And when you think of it, the danger is certain.

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