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Current Issues

Current government projects for the development of child education in Bangladesh, compulsory primary education for all, free education for girls of 10, vocational education for women students, integrated education system nationwide and food education education movement. . A large part of the country’s national budget has been moved to help in the process and promotion of these programs Education and make it more accessible. In recent years, this effort has been closed and the education system was progressing a few days ago.
Now the national curriculum books of 5 to 12 years are distributed free to all students and schools.There are many problems in education system in Bangladesh. In the past, Bangladesh Education was primarily a British model of higher class with all the courses offered in English and rarely made for the general public. The Bangladesh Education Board has taken steps to abandon such practices in the past and is heading towards education to brighten a poverty-stricken country.
Future Bangladesh is a landlocked country, there is a huge demand for population to transform its labor, so proper education is needed and proper support from government in Bangladesh’s education sector is very important.
Education spending as a percentage of GDP
The public spending on education is 2 percent of GDP, the lowest 0.94 percent in 1980 and the maximum of 2.2 percent in 2007. [14]
Qualitative level
The lack of education system is Human Resource Development and Deployment System [15] and it has morally destroyed primary education sector workers, including teachers and contributed to poor performance. Poverty primary education is a big threat. In Bangladesh, the population is very high. Number of seats available in college.The number of students who want to be listed is low, and the number of seats available at the university is lower than the level of higher secondary level students who want to join the university. Besides, the cost of education is increasing day by day, so many students can not afford it.
In one study, the rate of absence of teachers was found in 15.5% of the primary schools. [16]
Gender discrimination
In Bangladesh, gender discrimination occurs in rural households but does not exist in rich families. [17] [18] There is a lot of difference in the success rate of boys compared to the girls in Bangladesh. However, in recent years there has been some progress in trying to solve this problem. [19]
Attendance at school
Primary education is a matter of low performance concerns. School drop-out rate and grade repeat rate are high. [20] Schools have poor school attendance and fewer communication times due to lower level of education.
Religion and education
Madrasah education in Bangladesh is heavily influenced by religion. [21]
Literacy rate
In 2014, for men, 66.5% of men and 63.1% of women were among the lowest literacy rate in Bangladesh. Recently, due to modernization of school education, the literacy rate of Bangladesh increased by 71% in 2015. Fund. [22] [23]

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