Primary Education System in Bangladesh

Primary Education End Examination
The primary education end examination is a government test which is passed under the primary board. In order to participate in this examination, a class approved by the Bangladesh Education Board in the fifth grade must pass the student’s examination and the students will have to sit for the main exam on the scheduled date of the board.

Although the Upazila level has been running since 2005, a public examination was started in Bangladesh in 2009, through which the final year (fifth grade) students in the primary schools of the country were evaluated through the general question paper.
The student who passed this examination was later given the opportunity to enroll in junior secondary school in the sixth grade. [1] Ministry of Primary and Mass Education of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh arranges this public examination every year.

The primary reconciliation exam was started in 2009. In the first year of the first-grade primary school of the country, the first primary scholarship for the same question paper and match examination was held. In 2009, the average rate of first pass of primary education in the country was 88.84 percent. [2]

The third primary education ended in 2011 has increased to an average pass rate of 97.26 percent. [3] Although the results were based on results of the first two years, the results were given in the grading method since 2011. Since 2010, the test was increased within half an hour in two and a half hours. [4] [5]

Ebtedi Education Completion Exam
Ebtedayi closing examination or a public examination for madrassa students approved by the Bangladesh Education Board in the fifth grade of equivalent primary education examination of the primary education board of PCD Bangladesh.This test is known as the primary ibtaydi closing test. The last test of Ibtadei has started the Pdc examination since 2010. Although results of the first two year divisional results have been provided since 2011. Since 2011, the test was increased by half an hour in half an hour. [4] [6] [7]

In the primary school certificate, there are six compulsory subjects in Bengali as well as the Bengali language test. The topics are listed below:

– Bengali language

– English language

– Environmental Science

– Environmental Social Science

– Digit

– Religion

Exam method
The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, administers this test all over the country with the same question of NAP (National Primary Education Academy).It is to be noted that the other school certificate examinations (JSS, SSC and HSC) are organized by the Education Board of Bangladesh but only the primary and equivalent examinations are organized by the ministry. Almost every year, there is a change in the question paper, but there are usually two primary and secondary examinations on 6 subjects, each of which is 100 and pass number 33.


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